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Solve Emotional Intelligence

  • We are a team of scientists and software engineers seeking to understand the neuroscience of emotion.
  • Emotions exist in a part of the brain called the ‘limbic system’. Changes here are linked to changes in heartbeat.
  • We measure heartbeat through the Apple Watch and use machine learning to uncover the emotional state of the user.


Build with Feeling

With just a few lines of code, you can make your app emotionally intelligent. Use our SDK to build products that interact with your user as naturally as interactions between two humans.

import Limbic

let limbic = Limbic()
limbic.getStressForCurrentUser(startDate: Date(), endDate: Date()) {



Stress detection for
ios apps

Detecting stress can be a powerful
tool. Use our SDK to:

Get the SDK
  • Valuable insights Understand what makes your users tick. What do they like about your app? When do they get frustrated with the UX? Use this information to guide development, and offer these insights back to your users.
  • Be present at the right time Time your push notifications for moments when your users are stressed or relaxed. This gives you more control over how your messages will be received, optimising for exactly when to send what.
  • Join the future Our stress detection SDK is the first of its kind. Artificial intelligence allows you to create empathetic apps that form a genuine connection with the user. Use this to increase retention and conversion rates.

The Crew

Commited to a Vision

Neuroscience + software engineering is at the heart of everything we do. Our founding team captures this perfectly.


Ross Harper MA, MRes, PhD

Computational neuroscientist gone rogue. With degrees from Cambridge University and University College London, Ross is skilled at drawing hidden meaning from biological data.


Sebastiaan de Vries

Software developer par excellence. Before founding Limbic, Sebastiaan headed Florin - ‘the best payment app in the Netherlands’, according to consumer reports.

We’re always looking for amazing people to join the Limbic family, so give us a shout!

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