Dr. Charlotte Lee-Sinclair

Head of Commercial

Feb 20, 2024

Everyturn Mental Health: Digital Transformation with Limbic

Everyturn Mental Health is a national non-profit organisation that provides specialist mental health services on behalf of the NHS. Among its services are nine NHS Talking Therapies services, making Everyturn one of England's largest providers.

Everyturn was looking for a digital referral solution that would promote increased access, improve patient choice, and provide an automated way to triage patients into clinical pathways. With such a large geographic footprint, the organisation was looking for a partner that could offer a flexible solution to accommodate service variances in their operations,  eligibility criteria, and direct-to-digital offerings. It was also crucial that clinical and administrative time was released, allowing the team at Everyturn to spend more time doing what matters most - making a difference in patients' lives.

In November 2021, Everyturn partnered with Limbic to support their digital transformation efforts across its NHS Talking Therapies services. The team chose Limbic because of the desire to create a strategic partnership with a highly innovative company that could integrate with their patient management system.

Together, we implemented Limbic Access, an intelligent front door that delivers AI-powered self-referral and e-triage. The implementation included a deep integration with Everyturn's IT systems, processes, and clinical pathways, culminating in a full integration with Insight+, an in-house service management platform built with Salesforce. With Limbic Access, service users can now self-refer from Everyturn's website using Limbic Access, check their eligibility, and if suitable, book an assessment directly at the time of referral.

Limbic Access also includes our cutting-edge classification technology. Using Minimum Data Set (MDS) questionnaires and free text inputs provided by the patient, Limbic Access can provide additional questionnaires relevant to the symptoms the user may be exhibiting. This information, processed by our AI algorithms, is shared directly with clinicians to ensure they have all the relevant information to hand when identifying presenting problems and selecting treatment pathways.

Ultimately, this led to implementation of Accelerated Assessments, allowing clinicians to take advantage of the complete view provided by the data collected and processed by Limbic Access. Where appropriate, Everyturn saves up to 20 minutes per assessment. When annualised, this is a time-saving that releases the equivalent clinical time of 4.8 PWP whole time equivalents. Eligible self-referrals were also directly triaged to Everyturn's group webinars, meaning they could get the support appropriate for them immediately.

Since launching, only 1% of Everyturn's digital self-referrals come via traditional webforms, with the vast majority of users choosing to use Limbic's intelligent front door to access the care they need. Following the implementation of Limbic Access, referrals increased by 32%, and 38% of referrals came outside of working hours. 33% of referrals were identified at the point of referral as suitable for an accelerated assessment.

Benefits were felt further along in the care journey too. As a result of partnering with Limbic, significant improvements were seen in rates of reliable recovery. Everyturn saw a clearer adherence to pathways, with reductions in wait times for assessment, dropout rates, and treatment step ups/downs all observed after Limbic Access went live. Learn more about the impact of Limbic Access in Everyturn, in a peer reviewed study.

Commenting on the partnership, Adam Crampsie, CEO at Everyturn, said: 'We’ve seen such an impact from our partnership with Limbic, as their team understands the challenges facing mental health services. Launching Limbic Access across our talking therapies services has helped even more people to access the treatment that’s right for them as quickly as possible..'

Mona Stylianou, Principal Clinical Lead at Everyturn, said: 'Working with Limbic has meant that our clinicians are better supported by the tools and systems they use every day. Every hour saved by Limbic Access means another hour can be spent providing treatment directly to the people we support.’

Dr Charlotte Lee-Sinclair, Head of Growth at Limbic, said: 'Everyturn represents one of the most innovative services we've worked with, They're highly collaborative, deeply patient centered with strong clinical leadership. As a result we've been able to achieve both significant improvements to patient outcomes and service efficiencies.'