Bianca Linhares-Huang

Marketing Manager

Oct 30, 2023

Expanding Access with Clinical AI: A Talking Therapies case study from Essex Partnership University Trust

Traditional referral routes towards accessing Talking Therapies services often require significant administration time, causing delays in getting crucial treatment to those in need.

Chaellene Davidson, our Director of Customer Success, sat down with Hannah Pione, Digital Service Lead, to discuss our case study from Essex Partnership University Trust. In the Spring of 2022 Therapy For You’s last Digital Lead approached Limbic with a challenge: improving patient access to Therapy for You's vital services.

Goals for Access

So how did we get there? We started with Therapy For You’s 3 goals for improving their referral service, extending online capabilities, providing flexible pathways, and engaging new patients.

Digital Front Door

Next, Hannah showed us a preview of what Limbic Access’s digital front door looks like on Therapy For You from a patient’s perspective.

Together, we've delivered over 6500 self-referrals supported with Limbic Access with 56% of all self-referrals across the service. Of these, 2450+ were outside office hours. In total, our combined efforts led to a a 6.5% year on year increase in total referrals.

Here's what patients had to say about their experience with Limbic Access:

'A staggered approach […] via a text chat helped a lot. It was a lot less overwhelming than a form.'

'I would have struggled to articulate myself properly to a stranger over the phone.'

'I love the language of the robot, very comforting and chatty'.

Increasing Access

Limbic Access increases access by providing a 24/7 online referral route that engages patients right at the moment of need.

Introducing Limbic Care

Chaellene gave us a sneak peek of Limbic Care, the generative AI care companion. It improves patient engagement with content tailored to their needs, and is being rolled out in Essex Partnerships University Trust this year.

In our pilot study on the effectiveness of Limbic Care we worked with patients undergoing CBT treatment in the NHS Talking Therapies services. Users are not just more engaged, but they're sticking with their treatment plans—with fewer dropouts and more session attendance. Even more exciting is the fact that these patients are seeing tangible results, with higher levels of reliable recovery.

Enjoyed this breakdown? Watch the full case study.

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