Zohra Khaku

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Oct 5, 2023

Limbic and PCMIS announce integration

The NHS cites interoperability as principle behind the adoption and implementation of IT systems [1]. Put simply, systems should be able to work together, and a modular approach allows patient data to flow safely and securely to the clinicians and services utilising them.

For mental health services, interoperability should be a key factor when designing online self-referral pathways. Done correctly, operational outcomes can improve. Access targets can be met and exceeded, and patient journeys can be frictionless and faster. Recognising this need, Limbic and PCMIS Health Technologies have come together to offer an integrated solution.

What's new?

At the heart of this integration is Limbic's intelligent front door for self-referral and e-triage, Limbic Access. It's a chatbot designed specifically for mental health services that potential service users interact with to refer. It intelligently screens potential patients, collects essential intake information, and even computes preliminary clinical outcomes and asks the relevant ADSM, all at the point of self-referral.

This new integration means that the details captured by Limbic Access are automatically updated in PCMIS. Key details are mapped directly to the relevant fields within PCMIS, providing clinical staff with immediate visibility and the tools to manage risk within the case management system effectively. This integration also includes an optional self-booking feature, so patients can choose their first assessment appointment.

Benefits to Mental Health Services

Services adopting this integration can anticipate several improvements:

  • Efficient Assessments: With most of the basic data already collected, assessments become more targeted and time-effective.

  • Decreased Admin Time: The need for manual data entry is drastically reduced.

  • Enhanced Clinical Focus: Staff can dedicate more time to patient care rather than administrative tasks.

  • Improved Referral Experience: A smoother, more responsive system ultimately benefits the patients, even behind the scenes.

By bridging Limbic's cutting-edge chatbot with PCMIS's trusted patient management system, we're paving the way for a more efficient and patient-centric mental health service process.

Zohra Khaku, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Limbic, said: ‘We’re delighted to be able to share this news. Our partnership with PCMIS means that we’re now even better positioned to support those in the primary mental health services, and aligns with our belief that to deliver impact, you need to be integrated with the ecosystem.’

Byron George, CEO at PCMIS, said:

‘We are passionate about the intelligent use of technology to deliver effective clinical risk management and secure integration. Our joint partnership with Limbic ensures we are able to deliver real world benefits to PCMIS users, and their patients, with a complete and engaging referral process.’

Discover More

Mental health services interested in exploring this integration can learn more about Limbic, and PCMIS.

[1] NHS Digital: NHS architecture principles