Chaellene Davidson

Director of Customer Success

Aug 4, 2023

Greater Manchester Resilience Hub: Supporting Staff with AI Technology

All health and care colleagues support their communities despite incredible pressures and challenges, therefore it's important that we in turn support them. Greater Manchester Resilience Hub was mobilised during the pandemic to do just that, by providing confidential well-being support for Greater Manchester Staff and their families.  

Last year they partnered with the AI in Mental Health company, Limbic, to help more colleagues access the help they need conveniently and quickly.

To solve this issue, we deployed Limbic Access, our self-referral chatbot, for all staff to begin their care journey. Our chatbot sits on the self-referral web page, and users can start a chat at any time day or night, confident that their information is stored securely and kept confidential. With a friendly chat interface, it collects all the relevant details including relevant clinical information. The Hub then uses this information to identify the best next step for support.

In addition, the Limbic chatbot also captures requests for group support for teams and provides a way for managers to highlight refer-in members of their team they are concerned about if the required consent has been provided.

It's never easy to ask for help, but Limbic is making it more accessible than ever. Since launch in November 2022, the Limbic chatbot has supported over 230 staff members in need of mental health support and has been associated with helping those with more complex needs compared to other self-referral routes. Over 90% give the Limbic chatbot the highest feedback rating with many users stating it was easy to use, quick and effective.

Commenting on the implementation, Jenni  Willbourn, The Clinical Lead For Professionals at GM Resilience Hub  said: ‘Limbic is making it really easy for people to refer for support from the hub in a secure and confidential way. The referral point is brought easily to their people’s attention rather than them having to navigate a website at what can be a distressing time.’

Chaellene Davidson, Programme Delivery Director at Limbic said: 'Supporting those who support our communities is core to our mission at Limbic. It's been wonderful to collaborate with the team at the Resilience Hub, and we're proud to be a small part of helping NHS colleagues.'

Limbic is used by more than 10 NHS mental health trusts in the UK. 

Learn more about Limbic Access on our website, or reach out to our contact us directly.