We understand


The Science

The science behind our emotional recognition system

How It Works

Two Systems

The emotional centre of your brain is called the ‘limbic’ system. Meanwhile, your heart muscle is controlled by the ‘autonomic’ nervous system.


Wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear have only just made heart monitoring at scale possible.

How It Works

Deep Learning

We clean the data, extract key features and use powerful prediction models to infer your emotional state.

Intellectual Property

2.3 million hours of heartbeat data

Captured and analysed to help finely tune our prediction models and improve predictive abilities.

3 emotional detection patents

We’ve made sure Limbic’s technology is secure and defensible.

The Research

Technology, backed by research

We’ve published two papers exploring the fields of emotion prediction and classification.

19th November — 2018

A Bayesian Deep Learning Framework for End-To-End Prediction of Emotion from Heartbeat

5th January — 2019

Classifying Emotion from Optical Heart Data Measured by a Consumer Fitness Tracker