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Our AI-powered patient reporting tool makes it easier than ever for patients to provide their clinician with the data they need to treat optimally.

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Mobile App

AI + behavioural psychology drives patient engagement through a friendly mobile app

Simple chat interface prompts patients to answer clinicial questions at therapeutically significant moments
Streamlined mood journaling tools + NLP makes it easier than ever to articulate symptoms and feelings
Mood chart and personalised insights helps the patient track progress and understand themselves better
Routine health questionnaires delivered through the app, reducing admin during therapy sessions
Clinician Dashboard

Mental health professionals get the data they need via a simple web dashboard

Easier than ever for the therapist to identify patterns in the patient’s behaviour and mood
The most extreme emotional events guide discussion points in therapy - maximising impactful time together
Track progress through therapy and quickly identify which interventions are most effective for a given patient
View routine health measures alongside more general indicators of wellbeing