Therapy assistant


Hi, I'm Limbic

I can help you access psychological care 🙂

I’ll also give you support while you’re waiting

And then I’ll maximise the benefit you get from each session 🚀

Let's get started 👋

Track and manage

Keeping track of your feelings has never been easier. Just chat to our conversational A.I. and Limbic will create a mood journal for you.

Understand yourself

Limbic creates personal reports to help you spot patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. With your permission, we also send insights directly to your clinician, fast-tracking productive discussions during sessions.

Personalised advice

When we say personalised, we mean it. Your therapist can create unique strategies just for you, and Limbic will deliver these in right moments (when it matters most).

24/7 Support

Humans sleep… Limbic doesn’t. Our A.I. is on standby to help you through tough times, whenever they occur. Through CBT exercises, reminders, or just talking through your problems, Limbic will always be there when you need.

Discreet and secure

Limbic meets the highest standards in data privacy and protection. Limbic is a robot – it won’t judge. But it will help you find the right support in an interactive and engaging way.

What patients have to say about us

It’s a good way to express myself with no judgement. Really good for anyone suffering with low mood or anxiety

I just like knowing I can chat to Limbic when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious. Also the tips are really useful because the app knows what I’ve covered with my therapist

We can let your therapist know you’re intrested. Anonymously or in your name.