Demand for talk therapy is increasing. But the supply of clinicians is not.

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The result is an intractable workforce supply problem.

Clinicians and patients in talk therapy in the UK

Graph indicating the  Amount of psychologists and patients in talk therapy in the UK

Services are overburdened

Mental health services are massively overburdened, which can often lead to long wait times, lower clinical outcomes, and poor service user satisfaction scores.

Patient referrals to IAPT services are about to triple

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a parallel outbreak of depression and anxiety, which care providers must manage appropriately. The Royal College of Psychiatrists warn of a “tsunami” of mental illness. The health and technology industries must meet this challenge together.

UK Adults showing anxiety or depression symptions

Visual Pie Chart displaying the growth in UK Adults showing anxiety or depression symptions from 11% in 2019 to 34% in 2020

Existing solutions are outdated

Existing digital solutions are inflexible and have low engagement rates. They claim the title of ‘digital therapeutic’, but ultimately, they are no substitute for the skills of a human therapist.

The solution

Limbic is an A.I. therapy assistant that amplifies the power of clinicians, rather than offering a weak alternative. The platform has been designed specifically for the IAPT care model, and supports services from referral to discharge.

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Value proposition

Improve access
Reduce ineligible referrals
Automate assessment
Improve outcomes
Improve satisfaction
Reduce costs

We can demonstrate how Limbic will amplify your workflow. No strings attached.

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