Supporting referral and assessment

Limbic Access

  • Web-based conversational A.I.to assist patient self-referrals (92% of patients say it helped them access care)

  • Pre-screening questions and routine outcome measures used to group patients according to best-practice

  • Creates service efficiencies and reduces clinician burnout

Limbic Access a UKCA-marked Class I medical device


Activate and engage

Limbic Self-Care

  • Mobile therapy assistant to support patients waiting for treatment (iPhone and Android)

  • Conversational A.I. checks in daily, keeping patients engaged while also sharing CBT tips and techniques

  • Collects routine outcomes and other patient information to support treatment monitoring and ongoing triage


Provide the highest quality care

Limbic Care

  • Mobile therapy assistant to support patients and clinicians during treatment (iPhone and Android)

  • Conversational A.I. helps patients record high-quality negative thought/activity diaries – identifying key patterns

  • Therapists can log in to review patient data and create personalised recommendations that prompt the patient in-between sessions


Prevent relapse

Limbic Sustain

  • Finish therapy with a personalised suite of coping strategies

  • Develop a ready-made relapse prevention toolkit

  • A friendly companion as recovered patients transition out of care

We will demonstrate the benefits of Limbic


Compatible with IAPT systems
Multi-language support
Designed by clinicians for IAPT
Powerful data analysis
Integrates the NHS API
Available on iPhone and Android
Interactive conversational A.I.
Flexible and personalised.