Supporting referral and assessment

From hello

  • Boost access with interactive and engaging conversational A.I.

  • Help visitors find the right care for them

  • Save staff time by letting Limbic gather key information


Activate and engage

While on the waiting list

  • Provide immediate CBT support for all service users

  • Engage service users, improve satisfaction, and reduce drop-out rates

  • Create value from wait times with longitudinal data to support treatment

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Provide the highest quality care

During treatment

  • Link with assigned therapist to create personalised content for Limbic to deliver in-between sessions

  • Uncover hidden insights to accelerate assessment, treatment and evaluation

  • Maximise the impact of your service workforce and improve recovery rates


Prevent relapse

Beyond goodbye

  • Finish therapy with a personalised suite of coping strategies

  • Develop a ready-made relapse prevention toolkit

  • A friendly companion as recovered patients transition out of care

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Compatible with IAPT systems
Multi-language support
Designed by clinicians for IAPT
Powerful data analysis
Integrates the NHS API
Available on iPhone and Android
Interactive conversational A.I.
Flexible and personalised.